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Why did we start selling “DE”

Here at Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth. We are a family owned company that works hard to bring the best quality, Diatomaceous earth there is on the market, at great prices

It all started with grandpa & grandma. They started using Diatomaceous Earth and saw that it had so many great benefits! So they started teaching everyone. Friends, family, really anybody who had time to talk and all these people needed somewhere to buy it, and so Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth was born! We started selling it to our friends and people who were interested in the product. Now we have been Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth in over 200 health food and pet/animal supply stores all over Florida

Grandpa’s Diatomaceous Earth®. We are a family owned company that works hard to bring the best quality, Diatomaceous earth there is on the market, at great prices

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We started our business Nik-Corp Investment Company, in 1990. We started selling Diatomaceous Earth, under the name Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth at the beginning of 2012. We are based out of New Port Richey, FL.


Being reared in the 1890’s in the mid-west Grandpa, was blessed to have had a wonderful life of experiencing work and joy on the farm. Raising fresh fruits and vegetables in the family garden was accomplished organically. Boy, did Grandpa know what was good! Yes, back in those days tending to the daily opportunities and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor was accomplished with the help of a good team of horses. Grandpa always had, loved, and cared for his horses.

The gathering of the freshly laid eggs and produce afforded Grandma (who lived past her 103rd birthday) and Grandpa the wonderful opportunity to teach their children how to be self-reliant and the patience to count blessings that only God could give. As time passed Grandpa and Grandma took to the roads of this great land of America, crisscrossing this way and that way—west to east and north to south, from one harness race to another, be it at the famous Knott’s Berry Farm or to Yonkers—all the while training both Pacers and Trotters in what was called “SULKY HORSE RACING”. Grandpa’s number one concern was (really Grandma) the care and the attention to his horses. Be it on the farm with the team of workhorses or at the racetrack, Grandpa always desired the best for those animals that he loved so very much and enjoyed throughout his life.


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