Ant’s can be a very difficult problem to fix, but we have been told by many of our costumers that they have found success using Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth® to help them get rid of ants in their home.

How It Works

Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth® must come in contact with ants to work.

Ants, like many other insects, have an exoskeleton that has a waxy like coating covering it, keeping the ants hydrated. Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth® when very magnified you can see the individual Diatoms, which on a hardness scale diamond’s being a 10, diatom’s are an 8. To ants, the diatoms are very strong and sharp, when ants get Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth® on them it wears away their waxy like coating and cuts into their exoskeleton dehydrating them causing them to die.

No chemicals needed. Safe to use anywhere.